Al Kathiri: UAE confidently moves towards global leadership in the maritime sector

Sea and land transport infrastructure is the cornerstone for building economic and growth capabilities, and the driver for urban, industrial and commercial development. In the UAE, which is strategically located in the centre of international maritime trade routes, the Federal Transport Authority for Land and Maritime takes the responsibility of developing strategies that ensure UAE’s leadership in the transport sector.


Engineer Yasser Zaghloul, CEO of National Marine Dredging Company

National Marine Dredging Company is considered a leading public shareholding in marine dredging projects with a history extending to nearly 4 decades of accumulated expertise through the completion of several leading projects, thanks to its capacity, expertise and team it has become one of the world’s most important companies in marine dredging, digging canals, ports and deepening them; in addition to different marine construction works.


Buamim: UAE aims for the status of maritime hub

The UAE maritime sector has always grown from strength to strength. The importance of UAE as a country of great relevance in the maritime industry was underpinned by the huge successes of its maritime cluster and strength of its industry and port operation such as Jebel Ali Port, Khalifa Port, fujairah port and the world class operators such as DP World and ADPC. Maritime trade and broader economic success continue to enjoy a symbiotic relationship.


Researcher Uncovers Shipping Industry Security Flaws

They may be a lot bigger than the average smartphone or desktop, but a researcher recently demonstrated a plethora of security gaps that could expose container ships to cyberthreats. In a blog post, Ken Munro of Pen Test Partners detailed shipping industry security vulnerabilities such as weak passwords, easily exploitable satellite antennae and other misconfigurations that can be identified by conducting a simple search on Shodan, a search engine for internet-connected devices.


Oil Companies Defend Big Bets on Gas

The world’s biggest oil companies have defended their giant bets on natural gas at a major energy conference, saying demand will soon emerge for the huge supplies of fuel they are bringing to the market.


Regulating ship speed could cut emissions by a third

Greenhouse gas emissions from three ship types – containerships, bulkers and tankers – could be reduced by a third, on average, by reducing their speed, according to a new independent study that will be presented to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) next week. The cumulative savings 1. from reducing the speed of these ships alone could, by 2030, be as much as 12% of shipping’s total remaining carbon budget 2. if the world is to stay under the 1.5ºC global temperature rise, the CE Delft study for NGOs Seas At Risk and Transport & Environment, founding members of the Clean Shipping Coalition (CSC), found.