Damen and Purus Marine team up

Damen Shipyards Group has announced a partnership with Purus Marine, an environmentally focused maritime vessel and infrastructure company established by EnTrust Global, for the financing of green shipping projects. 

New Seabourn expedition cruise ship arrives at Mariotti for outfitting

Construction is proceeding on the next generation of cruise ships. Over the weekend, the hull of the new expedition cruise ship, the Seabourn Venture, completed a more than 1,200-mile voyage between two shipyards. The completed hull will now be fitted out preparing for the cruise ship’s entry into service in December 2021.


Senators introduce act to compel CDC to restore U.S. cruises by July 4

The efforts to pressure the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to move forward with the restoration of cruises sailing from U.S. ports continued with three U.S. senators today introducing a bill to require the CDC to restore cruising by July 4. The senators from Florida and Alaska followed a move last week by the state of Florida to sue the U.S. government to restore cruising and a letter-writing campaign launched by the cruise industry. Alaska’s governor said his state might follow Florida in a lawsuit to ease the restrictions on cruising.


Singapore’s first carbon neutral LNG cargo uses carbon offsetting

In another example of the use of carbon offsets to achieve carbon neutrality, Pavilion Energy Singapore reported that it has imported Singapore’s first carbon-neutral LNG cargo.  A subsidiary of the Singapore government’s Temasek investment company, Pavilion is a global energy company trading LNG and developing the LNG bunkering business for the maritime industry.