• Updates to Abu Dhabi Plan Maritime 2030 to be...

    Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) will use an upcoming marine environmental conference on ‘Integrated Marine and Coastal Management’ to provide updates on the Plan Maritime 2030: Abu Dhabi Coastal and Marine Framework Plan, the first comprehensive coastal and marine spatial plan in the region.

  • GCC targets big oil savings via green energy

    Meeting renewable energy targets in GCC countries would save four billion barrels of oil and reduce emissions by 1.2 gigatonnes between now and 2030, said a report from the Abu Dhabi-based International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena)

  • Norway Launches Green Shipping Project

    The movement of goods through Brazil's main Port of Santos is forecast to surpass the 2013 record of 114 million tonnes by the end of this year, as a favorable exchange rate sparks exports, the state-run company Codesp that manages the port said on Monday.

  • Major Oil and Gas Companies Join Fight Against...

    Earlier this month, some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies–and therefore, some of its biggest polluters–acknowledged that their firms must play a role in reducing the release of carbon into the earth’s atmosphere.

  • OPEC nations plan to join UN climate drive

    OPEC members Iran and Saudi Arabia, the top greenhouse gas emitters yet to submit national strategies for tackling climate change, say they will do so before a U.N. summit in December in a sign of widening participation even by oil producers.

  • Navy leaders reaffirm commitment to maritime...

    Naval leaders and subject matter experts from around the Asia-Pacific region gathered to share experiences and discuss the maritime security environment throughout East Asia during the 12th International Seapower Symposium (ISS) in Busan, Oct. 19.


Landmark South China Sea Ruling Could Revive Negotiations

An international tribunal has issued a sweeping ruling against China in a landmark case brought by the Philippines over disputed claims in the South China Sea. Beijing rejected the ruling, but the judgment’s legal clarity could ultimately provide the basis of a better, durable, negotiated outcome for the many parties involved.


Beijing's Dream: Becoming a Maritime Superpower

In November 2012, then president Hu Jintao’s work report to the Chinese Communist Party’s 18th Party Congress was a defining moment in China’s maritime history. Hu declared that China’s objective is to be a haiyang qiangguo—that is, a strong or great maritime power. China “should enhance our capacity for exploiting marine resources, develop the marine economy, protect the marine ecological environment, resolutely safeguard China’s maritime rights and interests, and build China into a strong maritime power” (emphasis added).


Vietnam’s ‘Soft Diplomacy’ in the South China Sea

The sea breeze found us on a fast boat bound for Ly Son Island, located about 15 nautical miles off Vietnam’s Central Coast. For centuries, the island has served as a base for their fishermen to venture into the dangerous Paracels Archipelago.