• Be Aware ! Red Tide is here

    Red tide is one of the oldest natural phenomenons. It occurs in the seawater as a result of the algae bloom of phytoplankton and dinoflagellate. It is traced back to the Jurassic age, one million years ago. It began to appear in Japan then USA and India.

  • Ship activities damage the maritime environment

    The environmental impact of shipping activities include environmental impact on the coastal zones resulting from the development and operation of large-scale port facilities, and dredging and disposal of contaminated sediments for navigational purposes

  • DP World leads container conversion environment...

    Under the direct supervision of the global marine terminal operator, DP World, four teams of 29 Emirati university students have started work on converting four 20-foot shipping containers into self-sustainable bus stops as part of the Carbon Ambassadors Programme (CAP).

  • Shipping industry disappointed but not surprised...

    Following today’s vote in the European Parliament, adopting a regional EU Regulation on the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of individual ship emissions of CO2, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), BIMCO and Intercargo have issued the following statement: Today’s vote was expected, being based on the political agreement reached between the EU institutions at the end of last year.

  • Acid Rain and Aquatic Ecosystems

    Before the 1970s the issue of acid rain received minor attention. During that time, little was known about the magnitude and distribution of acid rain or about its impacts on terrestrial (land-based) and aquatic ecosystems


GCC targets big oil savings via green energy

Meeting renewable energy targets in GCC countries would save four billion barrels of oil and reduce emissions by 1.2 gigatonnes between now and 2030, said a report from the Abu Dhabi-based International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena)


Norway Launches Green Shipping Project

The movement of goods through Brazil's main Port of Santos is forecast to surpass the 2013 record of 114 million tonnes by the end of this year, as a favorable exchange rate sparks exports, the state-run company Codesp that manages the port said on Monday.


OPEC nations plan to join UN climate drive

OPEC members Iran and Saudi Arabia, the top greenhouse gas emitters yet to submit national strategies for tackling climate change, say they will do so before a U.N. summit in December in a sign of widening participation even by oil producers.