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  • Is court litigation becoming faster than...

    The question as to whether or when disputes will ever come to an end is a difficult one as there are no real hard and fast answers to this question. However, the current fast paced market demands an expedited solution with less cumbersome protocols

  • Study shows new ships already meeting 2020 design...

    A new CE Delft study has revealed that many recently constructed ships already meet the International Maritime Organisation’s design efficiency standard for 2020, indicating that there is significant room for tightening these standards when the IMO meets next week.

  • UAE Maritime Law and International Treaties:...

    Due to well established practice as well as the absence of international treaties and agreements, Maritime Carriers previously used to stipulate within the carriage by sea contracts clauses purporting to exempt the Carriers from the entire liability for compensating for damage that occurs to the goods during the carriage by sea process.


Third El Faro Law Suit Filed

A third law suit has been filed following the loss of the El Faro in Hurricane Joaquin on October 1. Addreisha Jones, wife of 38-year-old crew member Jacki Jones Junior, has alleged that TOTE Maritime and Sea Star Line failed to maintain the ship and negligently sent it out to sea as the hurricane strengthened.


Lawyer Indicted for BP Spill Fraud

Texas lawyer Mikal C. Watts has been indicted by a Mississippi federal grand jury for claiming he represented more than 44,000 clients involved with the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill case.