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  • The inconvenient truth: good faith and...

    In some cases, contracts are ended for failure to meet express contractual provisions, such as a right to terminate for delay, poor performance, or for failing to meet a particular standard. In other instances, contracts are terminated for a breach of obligations, sufficient to constitute repudiatory action.

  • Challenges in securing maritime claims in the...

    Securing a maritime claim through a ship arrest is a common and essential form of security prior to or during litigation or arbitration proceedings. Commercial ships, by their nature, are only in port for a limited amount of time to load and/or discharge cargo. Therefore, ship arrests are required to be achieved by creditors as a matter of extreme urgency. However, recent procedural challenges in Dubai Courts have impacted this crucial method of security.


    The issue concerning legal capacity has caused much consternation in the UAE due to the fact that UAE legislation requires a special authorization for arbitration and thus losing the right to litigate disputes in the UAE courts.   Therefore, it is fairly commonplace in the UAE to see a challenge to jurisdiction based on an alleged lack of authority, of the signatory, to bind the company to arbitration.

  • Maritime dispute: Ghana punches holes in Cote d’...

    Ghana’s legal team is firing a series of salvos against Cote d’Ivoire at the hearing of the maritime boundary dispute between the two countries. According to the lawyers, Cote d’Ivoire was inconsistent in its claim that Ghana had entered into its maritime space.


Somali pirates told hostages on UAE-managed tanker to say final goodbyes

The woman whose sailor husband was taken hostage by Somali pirates said he and the rest of his crew were forced to call home to speak to their families "for the last time".

The hostages, who were on board a UAE-managed tanker, were given less than a minute to say "final goodbyes" to relatives in Sri Lanka last week during an exchange of fire with Puntland counter piracy forces off Somalia’s north-eastern coast.


MeteoGroup Underlines FleetGuard's Applicability for IMO and EU MRV Regs

MeteoGroup says its interactive tool for live fleet monitoring, planning, and vessel optimisation, known as FleetGuard, can help shipping companies fully comply with new regulations implemented by the International Maritime Industry (IMO), as well as European Union's (EU's) Monitoring, Reporting, Verification (MRV) regulation.