• Technology, costly fossil fuels aiding grid parity

    Grid parity appears set to be a reality of the near future globally. United Arab Emirates claims to have started producing solar energy at costs equal to power it generates using oil and gas. WAM, the official news agency of UAE, has reported the development.

  • Marine Energy - WORLD PANORAMA

    Meeting the basic energy needs of the world's population is a major challenge for contemporary society. The emergence of developing countries, population growth and the increasing scarcity of fossil fuel resources mean that renewable energy has become the priority in the energy transition race. 

  • Float-Over Topside Installation using Dynamic...

    Lifting method with crane barge has been a common concept for the installation of a topside offshore platform onto jacket. However, the increasing weight of topside and high costs for crane barges has led designers to consider the Float-Over method as an alternative

  • Using Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTML) for...

    Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM) is used to measure the thickness of steel , aluminum and other materials where only one side of the material is accessible to the surveyor. Typically the measurements are taken of the hull structure in order to determine if the material is excessively corroded by comparing the original thickness to the current one. 


Industry Collaboration: Sheer strength

The equipment used to tap offshore energy resources is getting bigger and bigger. Specialized ships are needed to move these huge loads, and close collaboration between the customer, shipping company and classification society is essential. 


Palm Fronds: A Year of Wind Energy Innovation

In the most recent of this year’s innovations in wind farm turbine engineering, Professor Eric Loth of the University of Virginia has started building a small-scale prototype of a wind turbine, modelled on palm fronds, with blades that face downwind.