• ATTO Technology now shipping new Thunderbolt™ 3...

    A global leader of storage, network connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments for nearly 30 years, continues to lead the marketplace in supporting content creators with the launch of new ThunderLink® Thunderbolt™ 3 connectivity devices for both 16Gb and 32Gb Fibre Channel.

  • LNG fueled ferries to have MAN Cryo fuel-gas...

    MAN Cryo, MAN Diesel & Turbo's marine-LNG fuel-gas-system manufacturer, has signed a contract with the Vard shipyard group in Norway to deliver a fuel-gas supply system (FGSS) for the two ferries that it is building for shipowner and ferry operator Torghatten Nord under a contract announced.

  • BMT Secures REMBRANDT Contract with UK’s Marine...

    BMT Ship & Coastal Dynamics (BMT), a subsidiary of BMT Group Ltd, has announced a new contract with the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB), acknowledged as a world leader in ship electronic evidence gathering, including VDR data recovery and interpretation. BMT has installed its industry leading marine navigation and manoeuvring simulator, REMBRANDT and will provide ongoing specialised training, to allow MAIB personnel to benefit from its unique attributes.

  • Green Ox® Pallet Technology and AllPak Container...

    Green Ox® Pallet Technology, the exclusive global provider of Green Ox corrugated pallets and the patented Green Ox and Box, has introduced a strategic partnership with Washington-based Allpak Container, a national leader in packaging and display products.

  • EU Conditionally Approves Maersk Line and Hamburg...

    Hamburg Süd will now have to withdraw from the five consortia of Eurosal 1/SAWC, Eurosal 2/SAWC, EPIC 2, CCWM/MEDANDES and MESA (see graph below) if the ninth largest container shipping company is to join with the largest in the world.

  • Norway’s Bold, Maybe Foolhardy Plan to Build the...

    Norway is home to more than 1,100 road tunnels. They cut through the mountains and stretch under its deep sea, allowing vehicles a more direct route through the country’s challenging terrain. The Scandinavian country has burrowed thoroughfares for nearly every mode of transportation—except one.

  • IMO Secretary General Says Technology Holds The...

    Despite having only a relatively short coastline, Germany provides ample proof that maritime activity can both drive and support a growing national and global economy, and that efforts to promote investment, growth and improvement in the maritime sectors can have benefits that reach far beyond shipping itself.

  • Full automation in sea navigation imperils...

    While the advent of science and technology showed huge development to propel man’s economic and education strata, including sea navigation, the advent is also decking out a hurting effect on the employment of seafarers deployed and currently working on ships, both cargo and passengers worldwide, as automaton impact starts being felt in Europe today.

  • Rolls-Royce MoUs advance smart shipping agenda

    Rolls-Royce has signed two memoranda of understanding, with the Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore (TCOMS) and Tampere University of Technology in Finland, to advance its work in smart shipping and autonomous vessels.


Cargo theft: a billion-dollar problem

The marine industry loses billions to cargo theft and cargo loss each year. Meanwhile, new technology is proving to be both a blessing and a curse, as cyber-piracy and digitalised theft are on the rise.


Crewless electric cargo ships may be on the horizon in Norway

Companies team up to build autonomous, zero-emission container "feeder ship." SpaceX's drone landing ships have already proven that uncrewed vessels can handle some of the most dangerous jobs at sea. Now, two Norwegian companies are poised to put robo-boats into one of the most dull: hauling cargo down the fjord.


From the limited capabilities to send SOS messages to full video streaming and live conferencing… How Broadband Satellite Connectivity reshapes Maritime Industry?

New technology always contributes in making a positive difference in our lives. For many years, we have enjoyed the wide broadband internet connectivity that made our lives much easier.  Through this technology, the whole world became a small village in our hands. We were privileged enough to witness this revolution and enjoy “what is possible” in the broadband satellite connectivity world. However, 5 years ago this was not the case for people who were working in the sea and spending long time off land. They had very limited connection services, they could only send the SOS messages, text emails without attachments and very limited browsing ability.