Women in Maritime

  • Theodore L. Gatchel: Politics vs. soldiers in...

    President Obama has initiated his latest effort to implement his promise to fundamentally transform the United States. It consists of opening all positions in the military to women regardless of the impact such a change might have on combat effectiveness.

  • Top Marine: “Women In Combat Is Nothing New”

    While speaking at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia on October 1, the Corps’ new commandant, Gen. Robert Neller, claimed that the ongoing debate over opening all jobs to women is not about women in combat, but about women in specific occupational specialties.

  • Marine Aviator Flies Blue Angels to New Heights

    Becoming the first woman to perform as a Blue Angels pilot has definitely been a high point for Capt. Katie Higgins. It is an honor to wear the famous blue and gold flight suit, she said, but it might surprise some people to learn that it hasn't been the pinnacle of her career as a Marine aviator.

  • Mabus: Being combat-ready is not about gender

    As the military departments approach the Oct. 1 deadline to submit requests for exemptions to the policy for women serving in ground combat positions, there are two things that I, as secretary of the Navy, would like to make clear: First, the Marine Corps is the world’s foremost expeditionary fighting force, and every decision I make is purposefully in support of maximizing its combat effectiveness. Second, this question is about standards, not gender; gender alone is not a justification for prohibiting a Marine from serving in a position for which she is qualified.

  • Navy SEALs Ready to Open Doors to Women

    The commander of the Navy's special warfare units is recommending that the SEALs and combat crew jobs be opened to women, but he warns that women will have greater risk of injury and says the service may be pressured to adjust or lower standards for the jobs.


MarPro Profile: Frances L. Keeler

Frances Keeler, Senior Counsel, Clyde & Co US LLP, might not necessarily be your typical ‘maritime professional’ but what she does on a daily basis is no less important to the waterfront – and the environment – than, for example, anything the builder of the best designed vessel in service today can put together. That’s because Keeler represents clients before various regulatory entities including the US EPA, California Air Resources Board and the local air pollution agencies on rule development, compliance issues, state and federal Clean Air Acts; district, state and federal regulatory development; Title V and equipment permitting, credit trading, global climate change.


IMarEST Welcomes Its First Female President

Jane Smallman CSci CMarSci FIMarEST was appointed 114th President of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) at its 127th Annual General Meeting on Friday March 18, 2016. Smallman is the first woman to hold the position in the Institute’s 127-year history.