Women in Maritime

  • The military's gender issue

    avy Secretary Ray Mabus, speaking to NPR's David Greene, panned a Marine Corps study that found mixed-gender combat units don't perform nearly as well as all-male units.

  • Women Injured Twice as Often as Men, Less...

    A study conducted by the Marine Corps to evaluate how female service members perform in combat operations concluded that women are more vulnerable to injury, less accurate with weapons, and slower than men when completing tactical movements.

  • Marine experiment with mixing sexes in combat...

    Over the past nine months, the Marine Corps tested a gender-integrated task force in both Twentynine Palms, Calif. and Camp Lejeune, N.C. in an attempt to gauge what the Marine Corps might look like with women in combat roles.

  • Difficult to recruit and retain both men and...

    The problems affecting recruiting and retaining women in shipping are the same as those that affect encouraging men to work to the industry, a panel told attendees at the Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA) seminar at London International Shipping Week (LISW).

  • Delhi HC in favor of Navy Women Officers

    In a major relief for women naval officers, Delhi High Court allowed a bunch of pleas seeking permanent commission for them in the force, saying sexist bias and service bias would not be allowed to block progress of women.

  • Delhi HC breaks the glass ceiling for women in...

    The Court said women officers serving in the Navy should be offered permanent commissions once they complete their short service stints. Slamming the “sexist bias” that appears to have “blocked the progress of women”, a Delhi High Court bench on Friday said women officers serving in the Navy should be offered permanent commissions once they complete their short service stints.

  • Navy secretary wants Marine infantry open to women

    Marine infantry and special operations specialties will soon open to women, if the head of the Secretary of the Navy gets his way. As deadlines loom on decisions about whether to allow women into front-line combat jobs, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus called for opening all billets to female troops who can meet the rigorous standards.


Molly Marine dedicated at Marine Corps Museum

The Molly Marine statue erected in New Orleans in 1943 symbolizes different qualities to different people. Poise, professionalism, possibility, courage, commitment, faithfulness, sacrifice, honor and integrity were all terms invoked by speakers at the dedication of the replica of Molly now in place at the NationalMuseum of the Marine Corps.


Time to start inspiring women in the maritime sector

“A woman’s place is any place that a man can be” – this powerful phrase spoken by Captain Helene Peter-Davies at WISTA-UK’s Women in Command session during London International Shipping Week left a positive lasting impression on all those who attended.