A&P Tees Extending the Life of TSHD Heortnesse


The team at A&P Tees is currently extending the life of the trailing suction hopper dredger Heortnesse, which maintains the navigable depth in the ports of Tees and Hartlepool, by up to 17 years.

According to the A&P, the work is being carried out over two dockings – the first of which was completed two weeks ahead of schedule in October. The second will take place early this year.

Following detailed analysis of the dredger’s structure and systems, it was concluded that renewal and refurbishment works would allow the vessel to continue its duties in an effective and resilient manner for in excess of 15 years, the company reported.

A&P Tees began the fabrication and preparation works well in advance of the 40-year old dredger’s arrival in dock to ensure the quick turnaround required by the client, PD Ports.

The program of works included changing the propulsion drives to allow the vessel to operate on two generators instead of the three currently required. This will provide significant long-term gain in relation to fuel consumption and the subsequent environmental benefits.

In total 30t of steel was renewed including coaming shells, cross bracings, pipework and platforms. The deck-dredge hydraulics and control systems, as well as the alarm and communications systems were also renewed.

The dredge system was also refurbished with a new dredge pump, dredge pipework, densitometer and dredge monitoring system installed.  The bottom doors, including rams and linkages, and accommodation spaces were also refurbished and some external coatings repainted.