Centerm Container Terminal Dredging Complete


At the end of March, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority successfully completed dredging works under their Centerm Expansion Project.

In the latest update, the port authority said that dredging work on both the eastern and western expansion of the Centerm container terminal was completed last month.

The company reused approximately 70,000 cubic meters of material that was dredged around the terminal to infill the lagoon in the eastern expansion area.

They also announced that infilling is underway on the northeast corner and west of the terminal.

This will allow us to install caissons, which are hallow concrete blocks that are each 20m in height. Caissons are expected to be installed this summer,” the officials said.

The port authority achieved another project milestone in March. They “broke water” on the first of the western dykes.

According to the officials, the southwest dyke is now starting to rise and both the south and west dykes will be completed by the fall.