Federal Transport Authority Land & Maritime Discusses UAE’s Maritime System With Maersk Logistics


The Federal Transport Authority for Land and Maritime recently met with Maersk Logistics to discuss their cooperation in maritime education and training in the UAE and the latest developments and events, including transport safety in the maritime sector.  Both parties agreed to enhance the maritime skills of UAE citizens through training in Maersk ships.

The meeting was attended by H.E. Eng. Hessa Al Malek, Executive Director-Maritime Sector at FTA, and Maersk delegates headed by Chief Operating Officer Sorn Tuft. The delegation thanked the UAE maritime authorities for assisting the company during a maritime accident involving one of its vessels in the Indian Ocean. The two sides also agreed to collaborate to further improve the maritime system in the country.

During the meeting, H.E. Eng. Al Malek reaffirmed the Authority’s keenness to provide land and maritime services to enhance the country’s global leadership in the maritime world, in addition to raising the local industry’s efficiency and sustainability.

H.E. Eng. Al Malek added: “We are working continuously to provide a variety of services and facilities to help all international maritime companies overcome their obstacles while operating in the country. We emphasize the need to enhance the coordination between the public and private sectors to improve the domestic maritime work system as well as sustain the UAE’s international status as an ideal destination for maritime activities and a link between the East and the West.”

Tuft, on the other hand, brought up an incident involving its container ship Maersk Honam. Tuft thanked the UAE for assisting the company during the incident. The vessel was brought to the UAE following the accident under the supervision of the Authority. The move reflected anew the country’s world-class capability to respond to maritime incidents, raising further the confidence of the international community in its maritime expertise. 

The attendees also discussed during the meeting about Maersk’s efforts to comply with the new international environmental laws, which will take effect starting January 2020. The law requires ships to use fuel with a sulfur content of not more than 0.5 per cent. Its compliance, the company said, will show Maersk’s commitment to help preserve the marine environment and support all international initiatives in this regard.