Nautical Institute launches Ice Navigator Accreditation Standard


Standard Club has advised its members that the Nautical Institute launched its Ice Navigator Scheme at the beginning of July. The scheme is designed to help meet the demand for properly trained officers with the skills and knowledge to handle a ship in ice.

The Nautical institute noted that IMO had identified special considerations for ships operating in the remote and environmentally sensitive Polar regions. This had resulted in changes to legislation and requirements for vessels operating in these areas. The Nautical Institute is seeking to prepare Masters and navigating officers more effectively for navigating in areas of ice.

The Standard seeks to codify the training requirements for those navigating in ice-infested waters. It sits alongside and seeks to complement work, especially by the IMO, in areas such as STCW and the Polar Code.

The scheme is designed to run in conjunction with the Polar Code and builds on STCW requirements. It focuses on the practical elements necessary to handle a ship and manage operations in ice covered waters worldwide; it is not limited to the Polar Regions.

Participants in the scheme can be awarded Ice Navigator Level 1 or 2. These qualifications are internationally recognised, valid for five years and demonstrate that the holder has the competence to navigate their vessel in ice anywhere within the limits of their certificate of competency.

The scheme may be accessed by those who possess a deck officer qualification (awarded by a white list administration) or are studying for a deck officer qualification.