New simulator training centre opens in Mumbai


MITAGS-PMI has established its latest Navigation Skills Assessment Program (NSAP) training centre in Mumbai, on the campus of the Anglo-Eastern Maritime Training Centre (AEMTC), one of India’s leading maritime institutes. NSAP uses navigational simulators to objectively measure mariner skill compliance against internationally accepted STCW standards. It focuses specifically on the core skills required of licensed deck officers and includes a one-on-one discussion about the specific skills of each mariner assessed by the program.

The program is offered at various locations throughout the world, including two in the United States, in Croatia, the Philippines, the UK and now India. Over 30 companies from the oil, cruise, container, government and workboat sectors make use of the programme to identify and mitigate risk within their organisations.

“Objective Simulation Assessment is gaining substantial traction throughout the maritime industry,” states Gregg Trunnell, NSAP’s head, global business development. “The ability to identify the specific risks within a company, and to provide tools to mitigate those risks, is proving an invaluable asset for high quality shipping companies.”

With facilities in Mumbai, Delhi, Odessa and Manila, AEMTC is one of the most prominent providers of maritime training in Europe and Asia, while MITAGS-PMI is a no- profit vocational training centre for individuals seeking to enter the maritime profession and for professional mariners seeking to advance their careers. With campuses in Baltimore and Seattle, it is one of the market leaders in the provision of maritime training and assessment, pilot programs, ship simulation and operational research.