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About a decade back, the marine industry saw a significant boom which leads to the rise in demand for seafarers around the world, resulting in a sudden shortage of maritime officers.

India is already emerging as a significant powered nation on the world maritime scene. India ranks 15th in the world in terms of total DWT. India currently supplies around 12.8% of officers and around 14.5% of ratings to the world seafaring community. This is one of the highest of any country. Competition among all maritime nations is becoming tougher nowadays.

The Merchant Navy is the backbone of any international trade process, carrying cargo all over the world. And due to this, the shipping industries and private Merchant ships employ a vast number of workers onboard for their shipment goods transportation from one country to another. Without the merchant navy, the import-export business would come to a grinding halt! These facts created a significant demand and supply gap of trained maritime employees and training centers.

No matter how fast the world changes around, a career at sea will stand you in good time. It starts with technical learning, both at sea and on-shore. Along the way, one can get an opportunity to work with advanced technologies and also developing technical skills.

Why Career in the Merchant Navy in the First Place?

As a leading shipping management services, we at Westline Shipping Industry is providing the recommendation for a career in marine. A career in the Merchant Navy is different from the defence navy. Merchant navy offers commercial services, as opposed to the navy, which is primarily involved in defence of a nation.

Merchant Navy - Job Prospects A career in the merchant navy is not only monetarily rewarding but also quite challenging.

There are a vast number of employment opportunities in this field. Candidates who have finished the training of merchant navy from Westline Shipping get jobs very quickly in the shipping companies across the globe as Westline Shipping is a leading and licensed ship management company in India. Merchant navy fleet consists of cargo ships, container ships, a barge carrying ships, tankers, bulk carriers, refrigerators ships, passenger ships, as well as roll-off/roll on ships.

Companies that run merchant ships require trained people who can operate and maintain the vessel. Qualified people are needed in the three central departments of the ship: the deck, the engine and the service department.

In India, job opportunities are also available in government and private shipping companies like Shipping Corporation of India, clearinghouses, del credere agents etc.

Where will a career at sea take you?

At Westline Shipping, we are committed to providing management services to the shipping industry. We, therefore, promote training, commitment and career development for competent, qualified and aspiring youth. We aim to provide an excellent platform for applicants interested in long term career prospects within the shipping industry.

At every step of the training, we are here to provide you with the support to make the best of your talents. You'll come away with professional certificates, education and technical skills.