Cryo Shipping Solves LNG Infrastructure Challenges In Northern Norway


The Bergen based Norwegian shipping company, CRYO Shipping AS, establishes seaborne LNG transportation services in northern Norway, and will be the first player to offer competitive and sustainable LNG infrastructure solutions in the northernmost counties in Norway.

CRYO Shipping enables industry and natural gas-powered ships in the northern part of Norway to finally have available LNG supply in a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and socio-economic way. Distribution of LNG in the northernmost counties in Norway, Nordland, Troms and Finnmark, is carried out solely by land transport, ie. the delivery of small unit volumes with road tanker and tank container, which entails expensive logistics with heavy loads on roads, environment and increased risks of road traffic safety.

The Bergen based shipping company, CRYO Shipping AS, will solve challenges associated with LNG infrastructure and logistics by establishing short-sea shipping services for transport of LNG in Northern Norway in order for new and existing LNG consumers in the region to finally have access to supply of the environmentally friendly fuel (LNG) by ship in a cost-effective and socio-economic way with the least possible impact for local environment.

Flexible, efficient and environmentally friendly transport solutions that accelerate the green shift have high priority for Norwegian authorities, and it is important to ensure short-sea shipping is competitive in order to increase freight carried at sea. Norwegian Coastal Administration has established grant scheme which aim to support that more cargo are transferred from road to sea due to the obvious benefits in terms of environment and socio-economic. The Norwegian Coastal Administration has concluded that CRYO Shipping’s LNG seaborne transport services in Northern Norway will have a great value for both environment and society, and CRYO Shipping has been awarded EUR 1 million in grants to establish the LNG trade lane. “We are very proud of the positive market acceptance we have received for our planned shipping services in Northern Norway, and are very grateful for the support granted by the Coastal Administration.

This is a valuable contribution to becoming the first company to establish a seabased LNG supply chain in northern Norway, thus ensuring transport of LNG is carried out in an environmentally friendly and socio-economic way. We naturally strive to deliver at the market’s most competitive price level, and expect that this will be the foundation for even more Norwegian companies and ships to be able to use LNG as fuel», says Nicholai H. Olsen, Managing Director of CRYO Shipping AS. Liquid natural gas, known as LNG, is an environmentally friendly fuel that is the most realistic solution for rapidly reducing global and local emissions of particles, sulfur oxides, carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. All of these substances have particularly adverse health and environmental effects.

There are large deposits of natural gas in the world, and the commodity is initially very reasonably priced. However, the current lack of customized logistics and infrastructure solutions results in unnecessary expenses for LNG consumers who select to use the environmentally friendly fuel. Logistic costs have therefore been a barrier for rapid implementation of LNG in industry and shipping.

CRYO Shipping is an independent shipping company with ambition to become a leading global operator in supply of environmentally friendly cryogenic fuels such as liquefied natural gas, biogas and hydrogen for both industry and shipping. “We have been working for a long time in establishing market-oriented and competitive infrastructure and logistics solutions based on seaborne transport. Currently we are working to commercialize a unique concept that can supply LNG to land-based industry as well as bunkering ships in an efficient and cheaper way compared to today’s existing solutions”, explains Nicholai H. Olsen.

CRYO Shipping meets customer demands for price, regularity and reliability in the growing smallscale LNG market, and the company is currently working on projects in various sectors in different parts of the world as they experience great global market interest for their solutions. “We have many interesting global projects that we will realize, but we are incredibly pleased and proud to be the first company to offer LNG supply and bunkering by ship in northern Norway,” Nicholai H. Olsen explains enthusiastically.