The importance of innovation in today’s volatile economy


By Mohamed Metawie
Business Development & Marketing Manager

Ali & Sons Marine Engineering Factory L.L.C.

Ali and Sons Marine Engineering Factory is a multi-business facility that caters for the marine and oil and gas industry. The facility has been driving various initiatives to be one of the leading Emirati facilities in the region. Located in Musaffah, the facility stretches over 280,000 Sq. m and enjoys a 540 meter of water front. Being in the heart of one of the world’s busiest hubs, Ali and Sons’ management realized the need for innovation in order to distinguish the facility from others. The facility houses three major businesses, Oil and Gas, Rig and Jack-up Repairs, and Marine Services.

With the world’s economy shifting, the need for innovation has become increasingly apparent. Looking at the direction the Oil and Gas Industry has taken for the past few years, we realized that the we have to distinguish ourselves and become more adaptable to the new market norms and needs. Innovation and development has been our priority in order to continue providing quality services while reducing cost and time. We have undergone various upgrades and modifications to our facilities, infrastructure, and more importantly, our human resources.

Standing out in a competitive market

In the past few months, we added 200 meters of quayside to provide more options for our clients. In response to our clients’ feedback, we also added a basin that allows our team to work on large vessels from three sides at the same time. Additionally, we increased the loading dock capacity in order to accommodate larger vessels.

On the other hand, and to present additional options for our clients, we created a One Stop Shop Facility that can cater for their mechanical and electrical needs. The idea behind the facility is to lessen reliance on subcontractors from the OEM side by training our own teams by the OEM. This option presented considerable savings on both cost and duration. Instead of using overseas technicians, jobs can now be done using our in-house resources to the specification of the OEM.

Maintaining strategic partnerships is the key to success

Ali and Sons has also added world class experiences to its team increasing its engineering and construction capabilities. Additionally, Ali and Sons Marine Engineering Factory have established partnerships with various world leading organization both locally and internationally. The aim of these partnerships is to enhance the facilities exposure to various experiences hence benefit the Emirati market. Recently, Ali and Sons Marine Engineering signed a MOU with the Emirates classification society, Tasneef, which is testament to both parties showing the commitment towards improving the local partnership and enhancing the Emirati workforce experience.

The facility has endeavored to introduce business that has not been developed in the UAE such as Rig Scrapping and Green Recycling. In partnership with Tasneef, Ali and Sons Marine Engineering is preparing for the required procedures and certifications necessary for the green recycling for rigs and ships. This will add to the yard business portfolio a valuable advantage in a time where the industry is looking for a solution to unused surplus of assets. Ali and Sons and Tasneef will also develop a training facility that will benefit the local industry through training and certification in accordance with the internationally recognized standards.

Floating dock enhanced capabilities

As a part of the company’s continues effort to improve and expand the facility’s capabilities to provide the client with wider range of dry-docking, it has recently completed a project that aims to enhance the capability of the floating dock. The new development includes dredging the quayside and the dock sinkhole to allow the dock to receive vessels up to 5.5 meter of draft. The dock can handle vessels up to 5500 tons, 80 meter in length and 27 meter in width. The new development comes as part of the ongoing facility upgrade plan which includes also an 80x80 basin, a one stop shop workshop facility, a new administration building in addition to a new training center.