Minister of Oil and Gas Discusses Ways to Implement, Finance Oil, Supplies Projects With AB


The Minister of Oil and Gas, Dr. Abdul-Rahman Osman Abdul-Rahman has encouraged the African Bank to enter into financing the oil projects to achieve goals of the sustainable development, pointing to a number of projects of gas production for electricity generation in West of Sudan.

During his meeting, Monday, with the delegation of the East and South Africa Bank for Trade and Development, led by Admassu Tadesse, the chairman of the bank board of directors, and chief executive, in the presence of the state minister of oil and gas, a number of the leaderships of the ministry, and the ministry of finance where the meeting discussed the importance of cooperation between the bank and the ministry.

The head of the visiting delegation has asserted importance of cooperation, and his understanding to the nature of work in the oil field, noting to the vast steps achieved by the Sudan in cooperation with the bank as the second country in this regard.

He wished the full lifting of sanctions imposed on the Sudan in order to enable the bank to fully play its role in cooperation with the Sudan in financing the oil and the oil supplies, calling on the ministry of oil and gas for close contacts with bank members and the continuous cooperation.