Precautions concerning drugs smuggling at Colombian Ports


Further to the club’s articles on ‘smuggling fines, breach of customs regulations and operational best practice’ and ‘drug smuggling preventative measures’, the local correspondents in Columbia (A&A Multiprime) have published the attached circular on the precautions concerning drugs smuggling.

This follows from the 2020 world drug report issued by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) which reports that:

‘there are indications that the reduction in air traffic to Europe resulting from the COVID-19 measures may already have led to an increase in direct cocaine shipments by sea cargo from South America to Europe.’

Members are also recommended to refer to the BIMCO webinar on the protections and pitfalls of drug smuggling, and the ‘Shipmaster’s Security Manual’ for dealing with the risks associated with drugs smuggling.