Ince & Co presents at first Breakfast with EMAC seminar for 2018


Featuring guest speaker, Rania Tadros, Managing Partner, the seminar looked at how mediation helps resolve maritime disputes early

Continuing its effort to provide the region’s maritime and legal communities the opportunity to learn more about maritime arbitration and mediation, the Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre (EMAC) hosted its first Breakfast of 2018 to discuss how mediation helps resolve maritime disputes early.

Rania Tadros, Managing Partner at Ince & Co, spoke, specifically about what mediation entails, detailing the benefits as a mechanism for resolving maritime disputes.

“Mediation is a viable alternative to arbitration and litigation when seeking to resolve disputes across various jurisdictions. Mediation is a great option to address small and medium claims.  At EMAC, we constantly aim to select topics which are not only informative, but also equips maritime stakeholders with the right knowledge to address their disputes. It is crucial for the industry to understand what EMAC’s role is”, explains Majid Obaid bin Bashir, Acting Chairman and Secretary General, EMAC.

“We are here to help the industry and to provide solutions to maritime stakeholders. EMAC’s tailored mediation rules and specialist mediation panel can address disputes in a cost effective and a time efficient way,” he further added.

The Breakfast with EMAC seminar series will continue throughout 2018, with the next session being held on 25th February at the EMAC offices.

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