Beauty at its finest Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai features a unique experience with superlative facilities


Alexander Schneider, General Manager of Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai took Marasi Yachts on an exclusive tour to discover Nikki Beach and its facilities that combine the beauty of nature with simplicity.

By Effat Mostafa

1. Would was the idea behind establishing Nikki Beach Resort & Spa in Dubai?

Founded in 1998 as the world's first luxury Beach Club by entrepreneur Jack Penrod, combining music, food, entertainment, fashion, art and cinema elements, Nikki Beach brings the experience and luxury concept to hospitality in Dubai. I believe that for any business that aims to grow globally, it should start in Dubai, that’s why we bring Nikki Beach here to be the worldwide flagship property. We offer our services with "Motivation, Vitality & Transformation" alongside a unique accommodation, dining and entertainment experience, accompanied by traditional motifs of "Celebration of Life". Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai features a hotel, villas, restaurants and lounges, a renowned beach club, and Nikki Beach residences.  Simply, we are open for anyone who appreciates a better quality of life.

2. What are the main facilities that you do provide to your clients?

Well, the hotel has its own 450-metre-long private beach, and features 132 rooms (117 rooms and suites and 15 luxury villas as well as 63 private residences for who want to live there year-round).  There are four pools throughout the property, private cabanas with plunge pools, a tennis court, state-of-the-art gym and the tranquil Nikki Spa. There are also five restaurants and lounges to sink your teeth into: Café Nikki, an all-day urban bistro, Soul Lounge, Key West Bar & Grill, Nikki Privé in addition to Nikki Spa and Tone Gym.  

3. What is the capacity of Nikki Beach for visitors?

The beach club can accommodate around 2000 guests while the hotel can host up to 500 guests for the different venues, pool, the beach and the Spa. From March 2016 till March 2017, we welcomed approximately 100,000 guests to the Beach Club.

4. What makes Nikki Beach different compared to other luxurious resorts in Dubai?

At Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai, we are privileged with ample spaces. The resort sits on 50,000 square meters of private beach, with great facilities and only 132 keys. Our mix of different room categories is also special, 45% of our rooms are either suites or villas. We want to create a social environment where people can choose to mingle or withdraw themselves for a personal time of relaxation. Imperatively, our guests prefer our simple designs and the way we deliver exceptional experience that makes real impact.

5. Are there any new upcoming developments within Nikki Beach Dubai and what can we expect from it?

We are very happy for the success that we have received since our resort opening on December 20th 2016. Our opening had been eagerly awaited by our guests. This year we continue to focus on enhancing the Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai brand in the local market, internationally, and also in the GCC. We are a contemporary boutique lifestyle resort product, so within this target, we have definitely managed to create an impact.

6. How do you manage to better position Nikki Beach Dubai worldwide?

We have been spending a lot of time in further driving the brand intent of Nikki Beach Resorts not only for Dubai but worldwide to ensure that all our services are right on. Our current ranking in terms of occupancy further encourages us to not only maintain our position but to further exceed our customers’ expectations. We are considered to be the best performing Nikki Beach resort worldwide.

7. How do you maintain your clients’ loyalty?

The plan is to build a unique experience for our clients in the UAE and wider region. We believe in the individual customer and build relationships accordingly, often over years. And those clients, their networks as well as our networks are the prime source of new clients and often these networks transcend boundaries across the globe. It’s well-known that loyal guests spend around 30% more than first-time guests. Therefore, we highly prioritize our clients’ loyalty and we will continue delivering unique services and memorable experiences.