MCS develops remote service for offshore inspections


MCS has introduced the Remote Inspection System (RIS), which it claims allows an entire offshore inspection campaign to be conducted remotely.

The system involves use of data compression/transfer and 3D imagery and data capture to move all duties normally completed from an offshore vessel inspection container to an onshore location.

According to MCS, with current travel restrictions this ensures safety of staff by allowing them to supervise the work anywhere, including from their homes, with live video feeds and clear voice communication.

Wael Bakr, founder and CEO of MCS, said: “The entire offshore industry is having to adapt very quickly to the current global situation… The RIS not only overcomes potential challenges caused by COVID-19, it saves money and allows inspection campaigns to be completed three times faster than using a traditional offshore team.

“As the operation can be completed entirely from onshore, the team is only working during hours of operation saving on mobilization and demobilization…Once the system has been set-up on a vessel, the RIS can be used instantly on request of the client, even at very short notice.

“The system has been used successfully by several OPCOs in the Middle East, allowing our clients to maintain maximum efficiency during 24-hour operations.”

MCS has used the service to provide reporting from platform inspections five days after inspection activities were completed, much faster than would be possible from an offshore-based team, the company added.

It hopes to expand the service to other offshore activities such as geophysical data processing and well logging.