The natural designs of the “Desert Palm Dubai” redefines the meaning of “Simple Green”


The natural designs of the “Desert Palm Dubai” redefines the meaning of “Simple Green”

Reeves: Our urban oasis will take you to the ultimate peace of mind

by Hudoob Younis


In the heart of Dubai and away from the bustling of the city‭, ‬“Desert Palm Dubai”‭ ‬offers a unique experience specially designed to those who wants to enjoy a day or more away from the routine traffic in Dubai‭.‬‭  ‬The simple designs of the oasis combines luxury and simplicity in a way that will deepen the feeling of relaxation‭.‬

In an exclusive interview with Mr‭. ‬James Reeves‭, ‬the General Manager of‭ ‬“Desert Palm Dubai”‭, ‬he explained what makes the resort unique compared to other resorts in Dubai‭.‬


Can we get an overview about‭ ‬“Desert Palm Dubai”‭ ‬and what was the idea behind establishing it‭?‬‭ ‬

The private polo estate was established in 1992‭ ‬and had expanded to combine villas in 2000‭.  ‬Then in 2005‭, ‬we conceptualized the‭ ‬idea of a boutique hotel dedicated for Polo players and the patrons who play Polo‭. ‬At that time‭, ‬we were the first Polo boutique hotel in the UAE‭. ‬The resort and hotel were officially opened in 2008‭ ‬by H.E‭. ‬Princess Haya and we have successfully added additional villas‭, ‬rooms and facilities since then‭.‬

‭ ‬

Can we get an overview about the facilities and the capacity of the resort‭? ‬And what does make you unique compared to other resorts in Dubai‭?‬

We have 21‭ ‬villas with completely private swimming pools‭, ‬18‭ ‬rooms and suites‭, ‬a 350‭ ‬person capacity ballroom‭. ‬In addition to this‭, ‬we have fitness center with the option to have an annual membership and personal training‭. ‬We work closely with the Desert Palm Riding School in addition to having the Polo club‭. ‬With a variety of dining experiences‭, ‬Epicure our all day and casual poolside dining option‭, ‬RARE our Wood Fire Grill signature restaurant with a South American Influence‭, ‬and other amazing food and beverage facilities‭.  ‬

Furthermore‭, ‬as we are only 20‭ ‬minutes away from the city‭, ‬this attracts guests because our property gives the ambiance that you‭ ‬have escaped from Dubai’s rush hour traffic without having to travel or drive to any other emirates‭.‬


Therefore‭, ‬is the Horse Riding School part of the‭ ‬“Desert Palm Dubai”‭?‬‭ ‬

It is not part of our property as it is managed independently however‭, ‬we mutually collaborate to promote our businesses‭.  ‬We can arrange for any guest who is interested in horse riding as our property is angulated and we have specific sand tracks and padded walk ways for the horses to ride on‭. ‬We also have three Polo fields across 160‭ ‬acres of private estate available to ride around‭.‬

‭ ‬

How did you make use of the horse riding a‭ ‬“signature mark”‭ ‬of your resort‭?‬

Although the resort is established around horses and an equestrian lifestyle‭, ‬I think that the beauty of our designs and facilities brings the guests here‭. ‬Our guests prefer to stay in our resort as it is surrounded by greenery‭, ‬horse riding and Polo Ponies while enjoying our 5‭ ‬star services in the hotel‭.  ‬They further enjoy the afternoon tea on the terrace whilst watching a polo match or they can enjoy a brunch on the main hotel terrace overlooking the Dubai skyline or simply relax by the pool on the bean‭ ‬bags letting the afternoon drift by‭.‬

‭ ‬

Do you think that the theme of your resort contributes in promoting horse riding lifestyle‭?‬

Definitely‭, ‬guests who are not familiar with horses or have never been involved with horse riding will get the chance to watch people riding the horses and get introduced to a different kind of sport‭. ‬Both our facilities and the horse riding activities that we have encourage visitors to discover a new passion towards horses‭.‬

‭ ‬

Do you have any expansion plans globally‭?‬

Not at this stage as we have prioritized our local expansion plans‭. ‬We have designed eight stunning one-bedroom romantic villas‭ ‬with private pools catered to couples‭. ‬The designs are currently in the final approval process and they will be ready in a couple of years from now‭.‬

Furthermore‭, ‬DUBAI SAFARI park is due to open soon and we believe there will be great collaboration between us‭. ‬We believe that‭ ‬this partnership will certainly introduce more guests to our property particularly families‭.‬

‭ ‬

How does‭ ‬“Desert Palm Dubai”‭ ‬contribute in enhancing tourism in the UAE‭?‬

We are indeed a niche property but an iconic one firmly rooted within the UAE market‭. ‬Furthermore‭, ‬we have been featured in the‭ ‬Emirates Inflight arrival video with our Polo in property which contributes in promoting the UAE as a tourism destination‭.‬

In addition‭, ‬we work with high end external media channels globally who come to photoshoot in our resort along with hosting major Polo tournaments that attract many international visitors and affluent personalities‭. ‬