Wahat Al Zaweya combines the traditional UAE lifestyle with modern real estate development projects


Wahat Al Zaweya combines the traditional UAE lifestyle with modern real estate development projects

Khaldoun Saleh: Facilitating real estate purchasing for locals by providing easy payment installments


by Abdelghani Abughazaleh‭ ‬

The real estate sector is witnessing sustainable growth and huge demand from the Emiratis in the UAE‭. ‬This has encouraged Real Estate companies to launch new projects and increased Emiratis and investors trust in this important market‭. ‬Wahat Al Zawya succeeded in providing extraordinary projects dedicated for Emiratis and facilitated the owning of lands and dream homes through providing easy payments and financing options‭. ‬Marasi Yachts has exclusively interviewed Mr‭. ‬Khaldoun Saleh‭, ‬the General Manager of‭ ‬Wahat Al Zaweya who further elaborated about the company’s vison in Real Estate development and their competitive offers‭. ‬


Before talking about the project and its specifications‭, ‬would you please tell us why you chose to establish‭ ‬“Wahat Al Zaweya”‭ ‬project at Al Ain city borders‭? ‬

Before we chose this site‭, ‬we have thoroughly studied all the available lands in the UAE in order to develop a Real Estate project that is suitable for the Emiratis in the UAE with affordable prices and away from traffic jams‭. ‬Based on that‭, ‬we have chosen‭ ‬this location that satisfies all the aforementioned conditions‭. ‬“Wahat Al Zaweya”‭ ‬land is located in the heart of the UAE and it will only takes less than an hour for the residents to reach their homes‭. ‬


What are the products included in this project‭? ‬

We provide through this project two types of Real estate products‭, ‬the lands and the luxurious villas that we totally build for‭ ‬Emiratis‭.  ‬


How much is the total space of the project and what is the percentage of the buildings from the total space of the project‭? ‬

The area of the project is 23‭ ‬million square meters‭, ‬with a built-up area of 3‭ ‬million and 800,000‭ ‬square meters‭. ‬Our projects are well known of having small building spaces and large land areas as we have decided to allocate more land spaces for plants‭, ‬trees and wide greenery‭. ‬We provide unique Real Estate projects that cannot be found in many of the other projects‭, ‬as the specifications of our project are based on a deep understanding of the lifestyle of Emiratis in the UAE‭. ‬

Emiratis like nature and open skies‭, ‬therefore many Emiratis tend to build tents close to their homes to be used as an open guest house‭. ‬This encouraged us to dedicate more vast green spaces in order to provide special experience to our residents‭. ‬On another note‭, ‬the UAE community enjoys good family bounds and they make sure to visit each other regularly‭. ‬Cousins tend to sleep over for days and this has encouraged us to provide reasonable spaces inside the villas with extra bedrooms and home facilities‭. ‬We‭ ‬are proud that we have succeeded in providing Emiratis with their dream homes where they can practice the culture that they have inherited from their ancestors in a modern lifestyle‭. ‬


You are providing luxurious residents with competitive prices and payment installments that will extend to eight years without banks‭. ‬How can you do that and still make profits‭? ‬

Of course‭, ‬we are making sensible profits‭, ‬but we aim at making profits without causing a financial burden with unreasonable prices‭. ‬We plan our expenses and balance it according to our income‭. ‬We are planning to practice sustainable development that will‭ ‬stimulate supply and demand in a realistic manner‭. ‬We thank god that whoever invested with us in phase one three years ago are making returns on investments of more than 300%‭ ‬of their capital‭.‬


Considering that the project is far away from the city center‭, ‬did you provide the main facilities that residents need without having to drive long distances out of their homes‭?‬

Definitely‭, ‬this project include shopping malls and high-end shops where residents can find whatever they need there‭. ‬As well as‭, ‬large land spaces for schools‭, ‬mosques‭, ‬gardens and areas dedicated for women‭. ‬Furthermore‭, ‬we are strictly following the standards and the specifications projected by Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council that aims at establishing a small city within a large‭ ‬one‭. ‬