Cosco Shipping Ports Break Ground at Khalifa Port


ًWhy this partnership between you and COSCO is considered a milestone for Abu Dhabi Ports‭?‬

Capt‭. ‬Mohamed Al Shamisi‭, ‬CEO‭, ‬ADP: Simply COSCO is the largest shipping company in the world and its lines are reaching the most important destinations‭, ‬especially‭ ‬China‭. ‬This will give Abu Dhabi Port a great advantage because if you are running your business here‭, ‬you will be able to import and export to the whole world with the best prices‭. ‬


Why did COSCO select Abu Dhabi Ports as a partner to do this massive project‭?‬

Zhang Wei‭, ‬Vice Chairman‭, ‬COSCO: The location of Khalifa Ports is remarkable at the center of the world and the global trade routes‭, ‬near the emerging market‭. ‬Abu Dhabi Ports management has been so supportive to us and this is the fastest partnership we had ever made‭. ‬Within less than a year we celebrated the ground breaking and we are starting the construction works now‭.‬


What is the impact of this partnership on Abu Dhabi Ports and the UAE economy‭?‬

Capt‭. ‬Mohamed Al Shamisi‭, ‬CEO‭, ‬ADP: Abu Dhabi Ports will be one of the best destinations to do shipping‭, ‬import/export and logistics business‭. ‬KIZAD will be one of‭ ‬the most competitive industrial free zones in the region‭, ‬since it will be very cheap to import the raw material from everywhere‭ ‬around the globe and very cheap to export to the new markets as well‭. ‬This will boost UAE economy rapidly‭.‬

Jameela Al Junaibi, VP‭, ‬ADP: We are now witnessing the effective outcome of H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed’s significant efforts and the remarkable collaboration with China in 2015‭ ‬notably to the One Belt‭, ‬One Road initiative‭.‬


What kind of shipments you will be handling‭?

Zhang Wei‭, ‬Vice Chairman‭, ‬COSCO: In the first phase‭, ‬we will be handling containers‭. ‬If things went well we will expand our scope to handle break bulk shipments‭ ‬and RORO shipments‭.‬


Will Abu Dhabi Ports make partnerships with other terminal operators in the future‭?‬

Capt‭. ‬Mohamed Al Shamisi‭, ‬CEO‭, ‬ADP: Our master plan is capable to handle more expansions‭. ‬ADT is reaching now 2.5m TEU and with COSCO partnership we will reach 6m TEU‭. ‬We have now two terminal operators and we can have more in the future‭. ‬For us sky is the limit‭.‬