Latin American and Caribbean container port volumes up 6.7% in Q1


Container volumes at ports in Latin America and the Caribbean Sea increased by 6.7 % during the first quarter of 2017, according to a report released by the United Nations Economic Commission on Latin America and the Caribbean [ECLAC].

The increase of the port movement of containers reverse the fall observed in the throughput in 2016 which was negative 0.9%, during the same period.

The growth in the first quarter 2017 was determined principally by the increase in the activity of eight countries: Nicaragua, 22.1 %, Panama, 12.6 %, Mexico, 10.0 %, Chile, 10.0 %, Peru, 8.2%, Dominican Republic, 38.8 %, Guatemala, 6.9 % and Honduras, 7.7 %.

This growth was attenuated by falls observed in two countries of the region those that contributed reductions to the total throughput: -4.7% Colombia and -6.1% Ecuador.

Nevertheless, other countries also showed positive growth rates although more limited: Brazil, 1.4%, Costa Rica, 1.2%, Uruguay, 2.7% and El Salvador, 1%).