“Exalto Emirates” unveils the new Autonomous Vessel Control Technology


An unprecedented demonstration involving remote control of a USV located in Dubai from an autonomous control station situated in‭ ‬ADNEC Abu Dhabi took place at the Seatrade Offshore Marine and Work Boat Middle East 2017‭ ‬show‭. ‬The UAE manufacturer of specialty marine electronics‭- ‬MAP Marine Technologies‭ [‬MAP-Tech‭] - ‬announced the launch of its second generation MAP Pro‭- ‬Autonomous Conversion Kit‭, ‬a device and system that can convert any regular boat to an Unmanned Surface Vessel‭ [‬USV‭]. ‬

Commenting on that demonstration‭, ‬Marasi News has interviewed Mr‭. ‬Willem Misdorp‭, ‬the Business Development Manager of Exalto Emirates who emphasized on the importance of this new device for the marine sector‭, ‬saying‭: ‬“We are proud to provide the marine sector with a new technology that has been developed here in the UAE‭. ‬In this live demonstration‭, ‬this technology will show that it has the capability of controlling a vessel located in Dubai remotely from Abu Dhabi‭. ‬This‭ ‬new technology is improved to be highly efficient and am happy to say that it is available today in the market as of now‭.‬”

USV demonstrations to date have involved a showcasing of autonomous operation‭, ‬a display of routes and maneuvers‭, ‬where the vessel and operator are within the same proximity‭. ‬Adnane El Soussi‭, ‬Head of Robotics at MAP-Tech‭, ‬emphasized‭, ‬“We showcased autonomous way-point navigation and remote manual control‭, ‬as well as relay of sensory data‭ - ‬such as radar and camera feedback and control‭. ‬What separates us from the usual demos is that we will be operating a vessel that is not in our line of sight‭, ‬being over 100km away‭.‬”

The C2Pro unique features and specifications‭ ‬

‭ ‬El Soussi further commented‭, ‬“This is a more true depiction of USV operations‭, ‬and a testament to our MAP Pro system’s capabilities‭.‬”‭ ‬The vessel used in the demonstration is a regular recreational 31ft GRP craft‭, ‬which is outfitted with a MAP Pro device allowing for autonomous control of the vessel‭. ‬The boat‭, ‬situated at Dubai Creek‭, ‬responded to the operator’s control at ADNEC in Abu Dhabi through MAP-Tech’s latest ground control station‭- ‬the C2Pro‭. ‬El Soussi explaind‭,‬“It is a portable command‭ & ‬control unit‭. ‬While it was primarily designed for USVs‭, ‬it can be used to control any unmanned vessel‭ ‬whether by land‭, ‬air‭, ‬or sea‭.‬”

The live demonstration took place on Exalto Emirates stand‭ [‬N-20‭] ‬at the event‭: ‬One of the largest providers of quality marine equipment‭ -‬carrying over 14,500‭ ‬different products in their catalogue‭- ‬and the company is the master distributor of MAP-Tech products in the region‭.‬

With a large knowledgeable staff‭, ‬including full service technical and service divisions‭, ‬Exalto Emirates can offer you complete‭ ‬support from the design phase‭, ‬to installation‭, ‬and after sales care‭. ‬For more information about MAP-Tech‭, ‬Please go to www.exalto-emirates.com‭. ‬