Aries Marine hits a 100 in BWTS retrofit engineering


Aries Marine’s recent fleet contract orders with major European ship owners has seen the company’s track record crossing the milestone figure of ONE HUNDRED projects‭. ‬With this‭, ‬Aries Marine is now one of the world’s leading engineering and project management service providers for retrofit of ballast water treatment systems‭. ‬The company is now known as the one-stop shop for retrofit of Ballast Water Systems systems onboard vessels‭, ‬providing services ranging from engineering‭, ‬project management to retrofitting and commissioning assistance on site‭.‬

Aries Marine has signed Frame agreements and fleet contracts with many major ship owners and managers‭. ‬Although a majority of installations will commence only by 2019‭, ‬the advance planning ensures that the required engineering works are completed progressively‭. ‬With most of the ships plying on charters all around the world‭, ‬the critical part of the scope of work has been to board the vessels for 3D scanning and inspections‭. ‬Aries Marine uses some of the world’s most advanced 3D scanning machines and has had many years of experience in performing scanning services for the oil and gas industry prior to using them extensively for BWTS retrofit engineering‭. ‬

“It has been our stellar track record of working on various types of ships for prestigious clients that won us these orders‭. ‬These recent contracts have been won by the company after rigorous rounds of technical and commercial bidding conducted by the ship‭ ‬owners‭. ‬3D scanning and inspections on vessels are being carried out by our riding teams on the vessels sailing in the oceans from Far east to the Americas‭. ‬The onboard visit and inspections are being mobilised through Aries offices in Singapore and Dubai‭,‬”‭ ‬explains Ajai Mathew‭, ‬Aries Marine’s Project lead‭, ‬in charge of Technology and Strategy‭.‬


BWTS retrofit engineering system‭ ‬

With many years of experience in working with most of the major BWT system manufacturers‭, ‬most of Aries marine’s engineers are now well trained in the operation and installation of these equipments‭ ‬–‭ ‬a key aspect in any successful retrofit effort‭. ‬Having been closely involved in many retrofit projects in various shipyards also gives Aries Marine’s engineers the requisite experience in handling the issues faced during the installation process in a shipyard‭. ‬As ship owners‭ ‬and managers require that the BWTS installations are completed during any routine drydocking‭, ‬time is a major constraint and it‭ ‬is the experience and track record of companies involved in the retrofit that makes a difference between a delayed and an on-time completion‭.‬

“Although the recently concluded MEPC 71‭ ‬has pushed back the implementation dates of D2‭ ‬regulations under BW management convention‭, ‬many ship owners and managers have already set in motion‭, ‬the retrofit installations on their vessels‭. ‬A major deciding factor for most owners seems to be the fact that USCG is no longer giving exemptions‭. ‬A majority of recent enquiries for us are to perform detailed feasibility studies and pilot projects‭. ‬This enables the owners to have a clear picture on costs involved‭, ‬as and‭ ‬when they start the retrofit work‭,‬”‭ ‬said Mr‭. ‬Gireesh M Menon‭, ‬Managing Director of Aries Marine‭.‬

Although the‭ ‬‘Entry into force’‭ ‬date of the BWM regulation was 8th September 2017‭, ‬the MEPC‭, ‬at its 71st meeting‭, ‬reached a compromise on compliance dates for‭ ‬ballast water discharge‭. ‬Ships constructed after 8th September 2017‭ ‬must comply on delivery‭, ‬while existing ships in general must comply by the first IOPP renewal only after 8th September 2019‭. ‬

Established in 1998‭, ‬Aries Marine is now one of the world’s largest Naval Architecture consultancy and survey firm with offices in 15‭ ‬countries and more than 800‭ ‬engineering and technical staffs on its rolls‭. ‬The company’s division that caters to environmentally friendly ship design solutions‭, ‬the‭ ‬“Aries Greenship Solutions”‭ ‬team is entrusted with performing 3D scanning‭, ‬concept design‭, ‬class approvals and detail engineering works of retrofit for BWTS equipment‭. ‬Aries track record now boasts of all types of vessels including Tankers‭, ‬Bulk carriers‭, ‬LNG carriers‭, ‬LPG carriers‭,‬‭ ‬Chemical tankers and Container ships‭. ‬The client list includes major ship owners and managers based in Norway‭, ‬Denmark‭, ‬Germany‭, ‬The Netherlands‭, ‬Hong Kong and Singapore‭.  ‬