Mubadala set to reinvent Industry 4.0


Mubadala Investment Company, Abu Dhabi’s strategic investment company, today announced a collaboration with IBM at the Dubai Airshow, to develop smart systems that support manufacturing facilities, predictive technology and service optimization in the aviation sector.

Just ahead of the Airshow, Mubadala and IBM discussed the terms of the collaboration that will benefit Strata Manufacturing (Strata), the advanced composite aerostructures manufacturing facility in Al Ain, and Turbine Services & Solutions (TS&S), a leading maintenance, repair and overhaul provider for aircraft engines—two wholly owned Mubadala businesses.

“At Mubadala, we are focused on achieving a future for Abu Dhabi and the wider UAE that is advanced, progressive and sustainable. Investing in diversified sectors with partners that have transformative technologies is critical to our next phase of growth,” said Badr Al-Olama, Director of Aerospace, Mubadala. “Our partnership with IBM will help us go above and beyond what we think is possible today, by optimizing our operations and utilizing disruptive technologies across businesses that already have a successful track record in the aviation sector.”

Since its launch in 2010, Strata has emerged as a tier 1 supplier of aircraft components to Airbus and Boeing. The company’s existing facilities cover an area of 31,000 square meters and are home to more than 700 employees. The company plans to expand its capabilities towards establishing a dynamic aerospace ecosystem that will revolutionize traditional aerospace manufacturing using cognitive decision making processes, enhance quality and incorporate advanced material manufacturing capabilities.

TS&S services leading original equipment manufacturers including GE, Rolls Royce and Siemens, and will soon be implementing predictive technology for maintenance, information retrieval, and the most advanced level of customer care.

"As the aviation sector continues to grow, businesses need to explore innovative technology to differentiate themselves and optimize their operations," said Takreem El-Tohamy, General Manager, IBM Middle East & Africa. "Whether it's analytics, artificial intelligence or Internet of Things, these will enable improved decision making."

Cognit Technology Solutions (Cognit) is the exclusive provider for agreed IBM Watson technology in the MENA region, spearheading innovation for local organizations and businesses that stand to benefit from evidence-based decision-making in today’s data driven world.

About Mubadala Investment Company

Mubadala Investment Company is a pioneering global investor, deploying capital with integrity and ingenuity to accelerate economic growth for the long-term benefit of Abu Dhabi. As Abu Dhabi’s leading strategic investment company, Mubadala is active in 13 sectors and more than 30 countries around the world, creating lasting value for our shareholder, the Government of Abu Dhabi.

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