NYK Group Tests Shipping IoT


Carrier NYK Group and Norwegian digital platform provider Dualog have planned a proof-of-concept experiment involving an onboard Internet of Things (IoT) platform for ships.

The partners are collaborating with Japan-headquartered ICT company NTT Group.

Their experiment will focus on gathering data from an array of sensors and monitoring equipment onboard ships.

This test is expected to advance remote distribution and management of onboard applications, as well as monitoring ship equipment, event analyses, and intelligent alerts.

It could improve the management of applications at edge servers onboard, high-speed data exchange among different machinery, and real-time distributed processing.

Technology innovated through the project is intended to benefit the maritime industry in actual sea operations.

NTT DATA will provide IoT solutions that will contribute to creating value in a new digital platform at sea, making use of the NTT Group’s AI technology “corevo” and data analysis technology.

Dualog will apply its advanced technology and competence for the maritime digital data transportation platform, which will ensure that internet, email, and cloud services work reliably and securely onboard from any satellite communications provider.

As a top global carrier, NYK Group plans to use the maritime IoT knowledge gained through the development of its ship information management system (SIMS) and SIMS2 to promote safe and efficient onboard IoT platforms.