“BURGESS” A unique perception for the Middle East Yachting industry


The company recently launched its GCC operations whilst the Managing Director of Burgess Dubai, Jonathan Hind discusses the intricacies of setting up services in this fast-growing region.

By Hudoob Younis

1. Can you tell us about BURGESS?

With over 40 years at the forefront of the super yacht market, we are the global leader for brokerage, charter, operational management and new build advisory services for yachts over 30m (100 ft.).

2. Would you please tell us more about the main services that BURGESS is providing in the UAE?  

Recognizing the importance of offering world-class services to the Middle Eastern market, we launched operations in Dubai in 2016. Although I oversee the office on the ground I am fully supported by Burgess’ international network and a specific Dubai team. With 13 offices worldwide, we have been involved in the sale of many of the world’s most significant yachts, while our new construction division is currently project managing the build and development of a diverse spectrum of large yachts.

We also have highly qualified yacht managers with extensive seagoing experience who can take care of every facet of managing a super yacht. Our first-class charter service offers a portfolio of the finest yachts in the best cruising destinations around the world. Through our global network, we will be offering these services to our clients in the Middle East.

3. What encouraged BURGESS to expand in the UAE?

We expanded into the UAE due to the organic evolution of the company’s commitment to serving and developing the region’s super yacht industry and following an invitation from our local partner to bring our services to the Middle East. With an already impressive portfolio of Middle Eastern clients, we are very excited to be here, helping strengthen and grow this dynamic market. We closely track global and regional market movements as part of our work: recent statistics reveal that the Middle East has the highest propensity to buy a super yacht, at 48%. This means that nearly half of the UHNWIs in the Middle East are likely to own or buy a super yacht, a rate that is higher than anywhere else in the world. Therefore it is the natural progression for our business.

4. In such a competitive market where there are excellent local yacht manufacturers, what is BURGESS’ plan to excel?

Not just being a yacht manufacturer we are perfectly placed to work in harmony with local yacht builders. Together, alongside other initiatives already in play we hope to contribute to building a prosperous future for super yachting in the GCC.

5. How do you see the yacht market in the Middle East?

The existing infrastructure in the region is sufficient to accommodate those super yachts that are based in or visiting the region, but what is really exciting now is the push toward the 2020 Dubai Expo and the very active development and expansion of Dubai’s yachting and maritime facilities. In the coming months and years Dubai and the UAE will be adding over 2,500 yacht berths, of which over 100 will be dedicated to super yachts. All this will be accompanied by substantial support facilities and on land infrastructure.

6. What makes BURGESS unique compared to other super yacht companies in the market?

We have an excellent track record in the region and already represent many clients from the area. We have over 30 years of experience specifically in the Middle East and are connected to markets all over the world making us a truly global provider. As a company, we offer an unbiased and transparent service across the full spectrum of super yacht services including, Sales and Purchase, Management, Charter sales and Charter Management, Crew services, Technical services, New build and Insurance.

7. What are your future predictions for yachting in the UAE?

We have good reason to be confident in the future.  Being out on the water, on boats of all sizes is an integral part of life here. Meanwhile, Dubai will continue to build and develop facilities; it will add destinations and attractions both on and off the water. For as long as the region continues to grow and push the boundaries of development, we believe there is a very positive future for yachting here.