ADSB invests in the UAE young calibre for shaping better maritime future


by Effat Mostafa


With its leading reputation‭, ‬distinguished position and its global partner’s network‭, ‬“Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding”‭ ‬has enhanced its position in the market as a leader in ship building‭, ‬maintenance and repairing and providing support services‭ ‬locally and globally‭, ‬for both the military and the commercial sectors‭. ‬The company aims at enhancing its position in the market‭ ‬and make every effort to empower young national talents and provide the maritime sector with excellent personnel specialized in‭ ‬the technical services‭. ‬We have exclusively met Nouf Ali Hammadi‭, ‬Training and Emiratization Manager‭, ‬ADSB‭, ‬who told us about the company's role in developing its training programs‭. ‬

Hammadi pointed out that‭ ‬“Abu Dhabi Ship Building”‭ ‬is always keen on training and developing cadres by organizing continuous and regular programs and trainings in order to increase the skills of the employees in the company and develop their abilities in dealing with projects efficiently‭.  ‬The company has‭ ‬established a special department to attract Emirati caliber as the company's management is focusing on supporting the Emiratization plan in the UAE by providing effective programs for UAE nationals‭. ‬The‭ "‬Technical Development Program for Emiratis‭" ‬is managed by the Higher Colleges of Technology and Abu Dhabi Vocational Education‭ & ‬Training Institute‭. ‬Hammadi explained‭: ‬“Through this program the trainees will undertake intensive training courses for one year long divided inside and outside the UAE‭. ‬This will ensure that the trainee will learn about the latest technologies and gain complete information about the maritime field in general and vessels construction‭, ‬maintenance and repair in particular‭. ‬This is in addition to developing the efficiency‭ ‬of the candidates and making them professionally prepared to participate in the development of the company in numerous fields‭."‬


Precise selection standards and high quality programs‭ ‬

The program attracts high school graduates who want to have a career in technical fields in the field in mechanics and electricity and they will be selected according to a an accurate criteria‭. ‬Hammadi added‭: "‬The number of applicants to the program has reached 100‭, ‬we have selected 70‭ ‬of them and only 44‭ ‬have passed all the tests to join our program‭. ‬During the training period‭, ‬the company focuses on providing a safe and comfortable work environment for trainees and to meet their needs as well as providing‭ ‬them with appropriate accommodation‭. ‬This will contribute in motivating them to focus on achieving outstanding performance and‭ ‬excellence during their training‭.‬”

The technical program for Emiratis has four stages‭, ‬starting from the beginning of the initial phase which is to introduce them‭ ‬to the company and its facilities then moving forward to the stage of obtaining technical skills in English as well as training‭ ‬them about the requirements of ship building‭, ‬maintenance and repairing‭, ‬to finally reach the last stage that is the practical training in the shipbuilding field‭. ‬The trainees are divided into two groups one specialized in the electrical field and other specialized in mechanical field‭. ‬Following the completion of the training course‭, ‬the trainees who meet the requirements and passed the training will receive a certificate of achievement issued by the Higher Colleges of Technology‭. ‬

Qualified Emirati cadres for a better future‭ ‬

During our conversation about the program’s exceptional value and its role in training future cadres‭, ‬we met two of the trainees‭: ‬Mahmoud Nabil Eissa‭, ‬specialized in the‭ ‬Electricity field‭, ‬and Saif Al-Haj Al-Murr‭, ‬who is specialized in Mechanical Engineering‭. ‬Eissa explained that‭, ‬through the training program‭, ‬he managed to overcome all the challenges‭, ‬especially in terms of communicating with people‭. ‬He gave the attribute‭ ‬to the program that focused on the development of individual skills of the trainees before enhancing their technical qualification‭. ‬He added‭: ‬“I feel that I have accomplished a great achievement in my career by joining the technical program to train the Emiratis‭, ‬and I received deep appreciation by all the employees in the company and they have accepted me as one of them‭. ‬I was lucky to work with‭ ‬a good team and this has helped me a lot‭.‬”

Furthermore‭, ‬he evaluated the training program and explained how much it contributed in enhancing his abilities and empowering him to succeed in his career‭, ‬Al-Murr further emphasized‭: "‬I knew from the beginning what I wanted as a career but I was waiting‭ ‬for the right opportunity and this has made my determination even stronger‭. ‬I was lucky to see that ADSB is encouraging and announcing training opportunities for Emiratis‭. ‬This made me feel that I found the chance that I have been waiting for I joined with‭ ‬happiness‭. ‬I have been able to acquire new technical skills and experience as I have been trained by the best expertise in the‭ ‬company specialized in the ship building and ship maintenance fields‭."‬


Predicting the future of the Maritime Sector‭ ‬

Commenting about developing the vocational education and training in the Maritime Sector in the UAE‭, ‬Hammadi pointed out a number of positive ideas‭, ‬such as intensifying awareness campaigns in order to increase the strategic importance of the maritime sector in the student’s minds from early stages of education‭. ‬Hammadi also stressed the need to establish an integrated marine engineering academy in‭ ‬the UAE that will work to improve the national competencies and develop appropriate practical laboratories that serve the vessels Building and Maintenance Engineering‭. ‬She said‭: "‬The Maritime Engineering Sector represents a vital ground for innovation‭, ‬development and scientific research‭, ‬and our students and young cadres are totally qualified to achieve success and be leaders in this field‭, ‬this is what we promise our trainees who join our programs‭. ‬Furthermore‭, ‬we work hand in hand with Technical Colleges‭ ‬in order to benefit from their programs and their academic and research facilities and to provide engineering solutions that will contribute in developing Shipbuilding and maintenance fields‭.‬”‭ ‬