Continuing her outstanding work in the UAE’s maritime sector, H.E. Eng. Hessa Al Malek takes on a new role


Delilah Rodrigues

Eng. Hessa Al Malek is a well-known name in the maritime sector in the UAE and regionally. She is a woman who has inspired professionals from varied sectors, men and women alike. She has been the driving force behind the burgeoning growth of the maritime sector. Through her accomplishments in the field and beyond, she has not only inspired may others, but has also paved a way for ambitious women around the world. 

Boasting an experience of over 20 years, Eng. Hessa has dabbled in a multitude of fields including urban planning and development, maritime transport, land design and management, and public works. Her area of expertise includes maritime strategy, policy, and governance in the maritime sector, maritime legislation, maritime education and training, port development infrastructure, as well as certifications in a number of maritime training courses related to strategy, policymaking, management, human resources and more. During her work at the Ministry, she gained extensive experience, leadership and management skills.

Over the years, her work has gained recognition from numerous reputed awards and entities. Some of her accolades include The UAE Prime Minister Accolade for the Best Executive Director of the Federal Government 2019, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence Awards; the Personality of the Year 2017 at Seatrade Maritime Award in the Middle East, India Subcontinent & Africa; Maritime Standard Women in Shipping Awards 2018 in the Middle East, India Subcontinent & Africa; Integrated performance Award for women in the Maritime sector 2019 at Seatrade Maritime Awards in the Middle East. Indian Subcontinent and Africa and more.

Eng. Hessa has been at the forefront of women’s empowerment in the maritime sector and the country. In her position as the President of AWIMA, she has never shied away from stressing on the importance of co-existence between male and female colleagues in the industry. She firmly believes that empowered women help economies thrive and fuel growth and development around the world. And continually strives to empower and encourage aspiring women professional being a beacon of hope for them in the industry. 

In her current role as Advisor to the Minister for Maritime Transport, Affairs, The UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, Eng. Hessa will continue her noteworthy work to enhance the maritime sector in the UAE. Her key role involves creating a strategic framework for the smooth functioning of the industry, reviewing and revising the KPI’s for the maritime sector and ensuring the overall growth of the industry. Her ultimate goal is to contribute to the prosperity of the country and encourage the future generation of maritime professionals.