Laura Moelker dreams to be an international champion


Nothing can be more passionate than being passionate with the sea during early childhood‭. ‬Moelker’s partners discovered her early talent at age of five‭. ‬Later‭, ‬her skills enabled her to become one of the youngest certified sailing coaches in Dubai‭. ‬She began her training in Netherlands and China until she becomes an expert in sailing‭. ‬Marasi Yachts had‭ ‬the opportunity to join Moelker for one of her coaching sessions to the youngster members at Dubai Offshore Sailing Club‭.‬


The ultimate connection with nature

Among all the water sports‭, ‬Moelker considers sailing to be the ultimate choice to build a full fusion with mother nature‭. ‬Feeling the wind‭, ‬connecting with the waves and understanding the boat components to build an integrated flow to navigate the sea‭. ‬All these factors have created a unique experience that differentiates sailing from the rest of activities‭. ‬Such activity not only‭ ‬enhances the behavioural and the moral attitude of the trainee but it builds mature responsibility awareness environment‭.‬


Leadership capabilities‭ ‬

During the training session‭, ‬Moelker was showing outstanding leadership capabilities to all the trainees despite the fact that they are all almost the same age‭. ‬When she was asked about her skills‭, ‬she said that sailing requires a high amount of discipline‭. ‬It is a perfect platform to educate the trainees on how to work as a team‭. ‬In the deep water‭, ‬there is no room for any improper behaviour or irresponsible action because this may compromise the safety of the whole group‭. ‬That’s why qualified sailors are prospective leaders‭.‬


Future dreams‭ ‬

Moelker considers her journey in sailing still at the beginning‭. ‬She dreams to get more experience to be able to compete internationally‭. ‬She also hopes that sailing will become an essential track for high schools education since it helps students to practice several concepts‭, ‬which they learn at schools‭. ‬