ZENTECH introduces new concept of ultra-luxury yachts


A Houston based engineering design and Consultancy Company has unveiled a new concept in ultra-luxury yacht design.

By Ajai Peter

The company has come up with a new yacht design based on the SWATH technology, similar to a twin hull, catamaran type self-propelled vessel providing ultra-luxury amenities with just 21 bedrooms and other common amenities.

Better quality

The Zee Luxury will offer safe and luxurious accommodation with all amenities for an exotic and uniquely different “quality of experience”. The project plan is to build this luxury resort with a total of twenty-one (21) rooms. Twenty (20) rooms will be ultra- luxury rooms for two (2) guests to a room and one (1) room will be an uber-luxury room, known as the “Presidential Suite.” This Presidential Suite is planned to be built to be completely under water offering an unparalleled “quality of experience” which is desired in this luxury resort market. 

Superlative motion characteristics

The Zee Luxury has superlative motion characteristics much like any SWATH vessel with very minimal vessel motions even during high seas. Thus, the Zee Luxury will provide an extraordinary “quality of experience” on board. The Zee Luxury Resort will be stationed a few miles away from land where customers will arrive on the Zee Luxury using a helicopter.

Market research has shown that the annual spend for these type of luxury experiences is $ 300 Billion on a global basis and rising. The Zee Luxury running at its peak will be tapping into less than 0.001 % of this large market. This indicates both a high probability of long term success of this project but also shows that this is easily scalable.