EU focus on blue economy targeting marine pollution and ship recycling

The European Commission is calling for a new approach in developing a sustainable blue economy, telling all member states that they need to develop plans in 2021 addressing the maritime sector. The EC said that a sustainable blue economy is essential to achieving the objectives of the European Green Deal and ensuring a green and inclusive recovery from the pandemic. They are calling for developing offshore renewable energy, decarbonizing maritime transport, and greening ports, while the Commission said it will increase its efforts on pollution including possibly further tightening the restrictions on ship recycling and plastics entering the maritime environment.


Massive power-to-H2 plant in Oman may boost shipping's e-fuel supply

InterContinental Energy, the developer of the Australian Renewable Energy Hub (AREH) megaproject, has announced a new combined wind and solar plant in Oman. With the backing of Kuwaiti and Omani state-owned energy companies, InterContinental plans to build a 25 gigawatt renewable power-to-hydrogen plant that will leverage the intense sun and regular winds of central Oman to manufacture valuable, transportable H2 and ammonia. The announcement has potential implications for shipping, as it significantly increases the confirmed supply volume for one of the industry's most-anticipated future fuels.