Damen set to deliver CSD500 for mining operation


Outfitting is taking place at Damen Dredging Equipment in the Netherlands at this moment. The standard CSD500 will be customised to meet specific operational demands. 

The DDE expert team will increase the dredging depth, add a spud carriage installation and specific dredging instrumentation. This instrumentation includes standard items such as a production measurement system and customer specific additions. For example, dredge pump revolutions and depth indications are made available as digital signals for the customer’s operational software.

Mr Doorenbos adds:

“The additions to the standard CSD have been chosen carefully. The dredger is to mine ilmenite. We have carefully studied the mining operation to be able to provide our customer with an efficient and functional stationary dredger, which is perfectly adapted to the plant”.

With outfitting running smoothly, the dredger is expected to leave the yard in July.

Source: http://seawanderer