Whanganui port revitalisation project to file third and final key consent application


Preparations to begin work on Te Pūwaha, the Whanganui port revitalisation, is progressing well, with two of three key consents needed for the project granted.

Consents to repair and rebuild 424 metres of wharves two and three and to build a 3000 square metre concrete hardstand and runway, suitable for a 150-tonne mobile boat hoist, have been granted.

Whanganui District Council's port project manager Rosemary Fletcher said the council's portion of work on the port redevelopment was more than halfway complete.

"[With] two out of three key consents granted, our preparations to go to market and begin building the wharves are nearing completion."

The third and final application to be filed will be resource consent for the planned dredging of the port area.

The council said dredging the port basin area was essential to build and maintain the port, and improved dredging capability would also enhance the local boatbuilding and marine industry.

The plan for dredging the river came from community input on the project, specifically from the hapū collective Te Mata Pūau.

The collective is leading the project in partnership with the council and applying Tupua Te Kawa, the innate values of Te Awa Tupua.

It is also in place to ensure hapū members and the wider community are actively engaged in how the project is delivered.

The application is set to be filed this month.

Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz