Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport branch in Sharjah and Sharjah Police raise awareness on drug abuse


The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport branch in Sharjah (AASTS) organised an awareness workshop for students, in cooperation with Sharjah Police. The workshop titled ‘Drugs between Reality and the Law,’ is in line with AASTS’ strategy to empower the next generation of young Emiratis in the maritime sector. It also supports the Academy’s efforts to consolidate its corporate social responsibility in association with its partners and other competent organisations.

The workshop was moderated and presented by Lt. Col. Khamis Mohamed Al-Naqbi, Head of the Anti-Narcotics Department in the Outer Regions at Sharjah Police, and Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim, Chief Prosecutor, Public Prosecution in Khorfakkan. The workshop discussed motives behind drug abuse, how to prevent it and best ways to promote awareness among students and society in general. Speakers also discussed ways of drug smuggling, and the methods used by drug dealers. They advised the students on ways to discover drug addiction and how to handle such situations.

Empowering the next generation

Commenting on the workshop and its objectives, H.E. Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghaffar Ismail Farag, President of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport said, “We have made a promise to our students to provide them with quality academic content that enriches their knowledge and professional capabilities now and in the future. Our students are our ambassadors to society who are role models both professionally and in terms of their actions.”

Abdel Ghaffar added, "To achieve this objective, we cooperate with competent authorities in the UAE to exchange knowledge and experiences. This integrates the role of all relative organisations in the UAE to achieve economic and social development. Sharjah Police is one of the key organisations that we are keen to cooperate with as they complement the Academy’s role with the knowledge and capabilities of their experts and professionals. We benefit from their knowledge to enhance the skills and capabilities of our students.”

Yousif Yacoub Al Mansouri, Director, Office of the Chairman for the Board of Trustees, AASTS, said, “The workshop was very important and featured quality content presented to our students. The Academy’s graduates will work as ship captains and marine engineers who will sail the UAE fleets across the world. It is necessary for our students to be armed with the necessary knowledge to combat the scourge of drugs, especially onboard ships. Drug abuse and smuggling through the sea is very dangerous. The Academy’s staff and students must have the knowledge necessary to handle these topics. Sharjah Police is the best partner to achieve this objective.”

Dr. Capt. Ahmed Youssef, Associate Dean of the College of Maritime Transport and Technology, AASTS, said, “Drug and alcohol abuse is a growing concern among college students. We think it is important to speak about this directly with our students as it will only help them better their lives personally and professionally. As an academic institution, our role is integral in this regard. To do this, it is essential to work together and gain the support of key entities. Through our partnership with Sharjah Police, our primary goal is to change the perception towards addiction, as well as generate awareness about recovery.”

Dr. Capt. Youssef added, “At the Academy, we give great importance to making a positive impact that benefits society by developing our students professionally and academically as well as in terms of their behaviour. This is achieved through our academic curriculum, which is supported by extracurricular activities for students. We always work to raise their awareness on key social issues in order to support them as positive individuals. We commend the role of our partners in Sharjah Police for their fruitful cooperation. There will be more activities in the future, which we hope will give knowledge and practical experience to our students to better serve the UAE and enhance the security of society.”