A major step forward helping seafarers mantain mental well-being


The COVID 19 pandemic and the operational disruption it has caused to the process of scheduled crew changes has subjected seafarers to increased levels of stress and anxiety. In response to these pressures, Steamship Mutual is pleased to announce a very significant additional service to the Club’s Members that is aimed directly at the well-being of ships’ crews.

Through the Ship Safety Trust, Steamship has partnered with Mental Health Support Solutions (MHSS), www.mentalhealth-support.com. This partnership will allow crew members on Members’ entered vessels free access to a 24/7 Helpline, offering around the clock confidential and professional psychological support. This service, available from 1 September 2020, will be delivered by MHSS’s team of qualified psychologists with experience in the maritime sector who give one-to-one counselling via email, text or phone, on board and ashore.

Managing Director of MHSS, Charles Watkins, said:

“There are alarming numbers of seafarers suffering from depression and anxiety. This was simply unacceptable for us. We wanted to make a change by creating awareness and offering qualified mental health support. We want to instil the notion that nobody is alone out there. We care and we are here to help. The key message here is that help is available and that asking for help is a sign of strength and not weakness. We are all human beings – we may all go through very difficult emotional experiences from time to time, and it’s completely OK not to be OK.”

Chris Adams, Managing Director of Steamship Insurance Management Services Limited, commented:

“Building on its commitment to support seafarers, particularly during these difficult times, Steamship Mutual is proud to work with MHSS with their in-depth understanding of the maritime industry and the pressures on those it employs. The benefits of supporting the mental well-being of those at sea are obvious and serve the interests of seafarers, owners and the Club alike.”