MOU between Leela ship recycling yard in Alang and a local premier academic institute in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India


“Leela Ship Recycling Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Leela Worldwide and Sir Bhavsinhji Polytechnic Institute signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to advance Ship Recycling and Maritime Education.

Leela Group of Ship Recycling Yards, a leading provider of ship recycling services, and Sir Bhavsinhji Polytechnic Institute, a Pioneer Institute in Diploma Technical Education have signed a MOU to enhance the educational and professional development of students in the fields of ship recycling.

Under this MOU, Leela Group and Sir Bhavsinhji Polytechnic Institute will collaborate on a number of initiatives, including internships and job opportunities for students, access to facilities and resources for training and workshops, and joint projects to promote the advancement of ship recycling and maritime education.

“We are proud to partner with Sir Bhavsinhji Polytechnic Institute to provide students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the ship recycling industry and further their professional development,” said Leela Group of Ship Recycling Yards CEO, Mr. Vishaal Raj Soni. “This MOU aligns with our commitment to investing in the next generation of ship recycling and maritime professionals and supporting the growth of the industry.”

“This partnership with Leela Group of Ship Recycling Yards is an exciting opportunity for our students to gain practical experience and to learn from industry experts,” said Mr. Nilesh M. Bhangale, TP Officer, Sir Bhavsinhji Polytechnic Institute. “We are confident that this collaboration will further our mission to provide a world-class education in ship recycling and maritime education and prepare our students for successful careers in the field.”