Watch: Simulation-as-a-Service Developed for Maritime Sector


Simwave has chosen technology developer Kongsberg as its sole simulation supplier and partner for the development of a new ‘state-of-the-art’ facility designed to deliver maritime simulation as a service.

Located in Barendrecht, The Netherlands, Simwave is a new maritime centre of excellence that offers "the future generation and current maritime professionals the best possible training experience and fair assessment procedures next to the most advanced and specialized applied research".

The partnership with Kongsberg Digital will also include development of new innovative maritime training solutions on Kongsberg’s newly launched open ecosystem, Kognifai.

The Simwave facility will become a flexible platform for customers to train and assess crew, investigate projects and promote services by using simulators customised to their own requirements. 

This includes the use of customers’ own 3D mathematical ship and environment models based on K-Sim technology.

Joost van Ree, Co-founder, Simwave said: “Kongsberg’s world class simulators will allow us to offer an integrated ship system approach to training, where all aspects of a vessel operation are included.

“While technology is vital, the Simwave difference is that we are providing complete flexibility for customers to train or research in a way that exactly meets their needs.”

Tone-Merete Hansen, Senior Vice President, Maritime Simulation, Kongsberg Digital said: “Kongsberg Digital is honored to receive this contract, which is an acknowledgement of KONGSBERG’s position as a leading supplier of Maritime Simulation.

“Simwave has expressed its ambitions for the future, which is fully in line with Kongsberg Digital’s product development and digitalisation strategy.

“We will work in close collaboration with our customers, including Simwave, in developing digital training solutions for the future to the benefit of the maritime industry."

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