China starts constructing first hydrogen-powered electric ferry in Jiangxi Province


China officially started construction of its first hydrogen-powered electric ferry in Jiujiang Huxin New Energy Boat Science and Technology Park, Jiujiang City in Jiangxi Province.

The ship is being built by Jiujiang Huxin Technology Industry Development Co., Ltd. The vessel was ordered and will be operated by Jiangxi Lushan West Sea National Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Its designed total length of 23.65 metres, width of 5.5 metres, and a design speed is 25km/h. It adopts a hydrogen fuel cell and lithium battery pack dual propulsion system. The hydrogen-electric dual power system is equipped with 2 sets of lithium battery packs and 2 sets of fuel cells. 

The hydrogen fuel cell will be used as the main power source while the lithium battery pack is used to compensate when the load condition fluctuates. 

The power of the marine hydrogen fuel cell is 120 kilowatts and the output voltage is 450V-750V.

The core components have been approved by China Classification Society (CCS) and the ship design can be used for inland river transport.