LNG shipping requirements likely to grow


Liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipping requirements only seem likely to grow with impacts on pricing and pipeline politics, Dr. Theodore Karasik, Senior Advisor Gulf State Analytics Washington DC, told Trend.

He noted that global natural gas markets are being reshaped by the development of major emerging LNG buyers led by China, and the rising production and exports form the United States.

“In particular, US LNG is making its mark in Europe as enticement to bring European countries away from sole dependency on Russian gas exports. Poland is already importing its LNG requirements from America and other countries may join,” said the expert.

Karasik noted that Germany is contemplating how to mix its energy market instead of being stuck with Russia’s Nordstream and the political baggage that accompanies such contracts.

Earlier, German chancellor Merkel offered government support to efforts to open up Germany to US natural gas.

Merkel reportedly told a group of lawmakers earlier this month that her government would co-finance a 500 million euros ($576 million) liquefied natural gas shipping terminal in northern Germany, giving a vital boost to a project that has been stalled for years.