Tenaris to deliver line pipe for Norwegian Offshore CO2 Storage Project


Norway's Equinor has awarded Tenaris the contract for the supply of tubulars for the Northern Lights CO2 transport and storage project offshore Norway.

From its Dalmine mill in Italy, Tenaris will produce a 105km 12” Carbon Manganese (C-Mn) seamless line pipe for the project. 

The Northern Lights project, led by Equinor, Shell, and Total, is part of the Norwegian full-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) project “Langskip (Longship),” supported by the Norwegian government.

The project will initially include the capture of CO2 from Norwegian industrial capture sources. The Northern Lights project comprises transportation, receipt, and permanent storage of CO₂ in a reservoir in the northern North Sea.

Initially, Northern Lights will include the capacity to transport, inject and store up to 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 per year. Once the CO2 is captured onshore, it will be transported by ships, injected, and permanently stored 2,600 meters below the seabed of the North Sea.

Equinor is responsible for delivering the facilities onshore and offshore as a technical service provider to Northern Lights JV. 

"Tenaris and Equinor are longstanding business partners, and within its framework agreement, the two companies will continue to collaborate on projects that promote shared values of sustainable, responsible development of energy resources," Tenaris said.