Campbell Shipping extends relationship with Inmarsat


Campbell Shipping will now be able to carry out remote maintenance, support and repairs, and comprehensive network protection, on top of global coverage already supplied by Fleet Xpress.

With vessels often sailing in areas of the Southern Hemisphere, the Fleet Xpress combination of highspeed Ka-band plus continuous L-band back-up delivers the bandwidth and stability to keep business operations online around the clock and enables crew to remain in contact with friends and family on shore.

‘We opted to renew our contract with Inmarsat based on its extensive coverage and our positive experience working with the company so far,’ said IT Vessel Manager at Campbell Shipping, Michael Dean. ‘Ever since the upgrade to Fleet Xpress, our ships have been better connected, with crew enjoying more stable access to communication and entertainment services on board. Now, thanks to Inmarsat’s value-added applications, we can also rest assured that vessel equipment and networks are in safe hands’.

By allowing remote support from Inmarsat engineers, Fleet Care will be valuable for Campbell’s vessels when operating in isolated stretches of ocean, where physical access by service technicians is challenging.

Amid growing concerns over maritime cyber-attacks and malware, Fleet Secure Endpoint will provide Campbell with continuous protection of all online endpoints on the vessel network, automatically monitoring, recognising and blocking threats as they arise.

Sales Manager at Inmarsat Maritime, Logan Murray, commented: ‘Campbell Shipping has shown itself to be a forward-thinking ship manager that understands the importance of reliable connectivity – both for business operations and crew welfare. We are delighted to renew our long-standing relationship with the company and look forward to helping it reap the additional rewards of remote maintenance and robust cyber security’.