Greenline Yacht Interiors registers a remarkable success


Greenline Interiors, is a company established 40 years ago in the UAE, that started its journey by offering a wide range of high quality services in interior design, manufacturing and outfitting, serving various markets and clients. Greenline Yacht Interiors was established in 1997 and catered exclusively to the bespoke yacht interior market.

The Managing Director, Mr.Gianluca Ascheri exclusively told Marasi News the lifetime story of Greenline Interiors, from the beginning towards a remarkable worldwide success.

By Hudoob Younis

1. Would you please tell us about “Greenline Yachts Interiors” and its main services in the UAE?

Since Greenline Interiors was established by our Chairman and Founder Mr. Samir Badro 40 years back, we have steadily expanded our services to cover a wide range of interiors requirements. We began in the private sector with villas and penthouses, and then grew into the hospitality market before expanding to take on a wider variety of projects including palaces for the royal family, large hospitality developments, special villas, public areas and finally yachts. We launched our yacht division 20 years ago as part of our expansion plans, beginning with interiors of small boats and also in this case growing until reaching collaborations with shipyards all over the world and especially in Europe and the United States. Our expertise soon saw us becoming involved with some of the largest and most complicated superyachts ever built in the industry. 

2. In such a tough market, would you tell us what are the main challenges facing “Greenline yachts interiors” and how do you manage them?  

Like most companies, we were affected by the crisis a few years ago. However, at the time we were fortunate enough to be working on some very big projects that helped us to survive that tough period. Starting from 2011, we witnessed a steady recovery in the market both locally and globally, and by focusing on expanding our services we secured projects in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Europe and the United States. The yachting market has always been prosperous, particularly in the vast European shipyards that we were working with, such as Perini Navi, Blohm & Voss and Lürssen. When Expo 2020 preparations began in earnest, we managed to secure a high number of land projects that helped us to overcome the main challenges we had faced during the crisis.

3. Would you please tell us about the company’s latest developments in the UAE?

We are currently working on a wide range of local projects, particularly for refitting, as this is our main source of business in the UAE. We are currently refitting a number of mega yachts in the region; however, our main clients remain abroad as it’s very important for us to be present in the European market where the big players are. We are also targeting a new market with our expansion into China, where we are currently working on a 90 meters yacht project. We remain active and present in the local market while also seeking out opportunities in markets across the globe.

4. What are the unique features that differentiate your company in the  market?

At Greenline Interiors, our focus has always been on quality. This is reflected by the unique projects that we undertook to fulfil the needs of the royal family, and by the high-quality interiors that we create for yachts, which are often more luxurious and complicated than land-based projects. We have set the bar very high in terms of the quality that we offer our clients, and this has helped us to excel in both local and global markets.  

5. Since you have been doing the interior designs to the private sector such as villas, hotels and towers. Can you tell us what have you brought into the yachts interiors refitting and designs?

We have applied all of our experience in the land-based sector and developed it to meet the high quality demands of yachts interiors. It is often more challenging to create interiors for yachts, as we have to deliver beautiful designs that are also complicated by the restrictions on the materials that we can use. We work closely with classification societies and regulation entities to comply with their requirements.

6. What is the message that you would like to send to your customer and our viewers?

We have been in the market for almost 40 years and we are looking forward to another successful 50 years ahead of us. We are eager to expand into new fields and we actively seek out tough, complicated and challenging projects to work on. Perhaps floating villas or a new iconic tower like the Burj Al Arab will be next. I am proud that we have the expertise to take on such challenging projects, and that we are ready to deal with the most complicated requirements out there. This is our passion, and the challenge of meeting both our client’s and our own scrupulous quality standards keep us doing a great job.