Prohibition of double banking without permit


Ships double banking is strictly prohibited for all types of ships in UAE waters including the exclusive economic zones without the permission from the local port authorities or the Federal Maritime Administration (FMA).

Foreign Flag Ships found double banking without the permission will be expelled and banned from UAE waters and ports. In the case of UAE Flag ships, the navigation license will be cancelled and/or de-registered from UAE Registry. Legal actions will be taken against the master and the owner/manager of the violating ship.

The actions stipulated in this circular apply as well to the ships anchored illegally at the non-designated anchorage areas and without obtaining the approvals from the competent authorities.

It is also applicable to ships anchoring or transiting through UAE waters with non-operational automatic identification system (AIS). In case of ships with defective AIS, the Master of the ship should inform the nearest port authority or the FMA immediately.

The measures adopted in this circular shall not prevent this Maritime Administration or the concerned authorities from considering other legal actions in accordance with the decisions and laws in force.