Teens make Pilbara history as first female marine cadets for world's largest bulk port operator


Two Pilbara teenagers are embarking on the biggest journey of their lives as they prepare to spend six months at sea working aboard a Rio Tinto bulk-carrier vessel. 

Jeri Ingleton and Katelyn Arnold, who both recently finished high school in Karratha, are the first female marine cadets recruited by the Pilbara Port Authority.

The training program was developed in 2018 to encourage locals to take up careers in the marine industry.

Pilbara Port Authority (PPA) CEO Roger Johnston said the misconception there were no seafaring jobs available in Australia was entirely untrue.

"There are definitely jobs there … so we've got to go back and change that perception and say, 'Actually there's a very good career opportunity for [locals] here'," he said.

"There's a potential here for a large number of marine cadets to be trained in this industry, and when [they return from sea] there's a large number of jobs."